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Official visit to USA: Reception at Shack15

Speech given by His Royal Highness The Crown Prince at an evening reception at Shack15 in San Francisco 15 April 2024.

Good afternoon, everyone!

So, how was the business festival? Are you happy? I could really feel the energy when we were walking around here, and I think there was a lot of potential there for cooperation.

First I would like to thank the city of San Francisco and the State of California for the warm welcome that all of us that have travelled here for these events have experienced. Thank you for that!

It’s been a great day in the spirit of our unique Californian-Norwegian collaboration. I feel very much at home here, and I can’t help thinking that events like this bring together the best of our two worlds.    

Shack15 is a symbol of what Norwegians have come to the US for through generations:

People have brought their hopes, dreams and maybe some crazy ideas to California. And quite a few of them have come to life. Because in California, dreams can come true. But not without hard work.

Jørn Lyseggen and his companions know this very well. Their dream of establishing this community for entrepreneurs, innovators and changemakers has come true here at Shack15. It is a small piece of Norway in San Francisco that we all are really proud of.      

It has been an inspiring day.  

We have gained a great deal more insight into the scale, range and impact of AI and how it has turned San Francisco into the AI capital of the world.  

We have listened to important discussions on crucial aspects of the green transition, including how California and Norway can work together.

We have enjoyed spectacular views of San Francisco from a Bay ferry and learned about California’s ambitious plans for zero-emission ferries and offshore wind.

We have also confirmed that Norway may have some solutions to meet our shared ambitions for reduced emissions.  

To sum up, today’s conversations have strengthened and expanded the links between California and Norway. I would like to thank everyone who has taken part in today’s conference and festival.

I hope many of you have met some new people and gotten some new ideas that can benefit all of us in the future.

But the day is not over quite yet. Now it is time to relax and enjoy some Norwegian seafood and a Californian-Norwegian musical partnership that we have already heard a little bit about. I am proud to present some of the best we can offer in both areas.   

Please join me in a toast to the friendship between California and Norway – cheers!   



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